Xamarin 4.0 install problems : Drive F: Not found

I ran into some problems when installing the latest update to Xamarin 4. Whenever the installer popped up it would crash right after loading up and say something like “Drive F: not found”.

Now, to be clear, the source of this problem is not necessarily linked to the  Xamarin installer as this is known to happen to some installations going back all the way to Windows 7 and apparently it’s still happening now in Windows 10.

I don’t know what the exact reason is for this, but the good news is that I know the solution.

I suspect this has to do with bad unmounting of devices such as usb drives which makes msis confused when either trying to read the list of drives available or trying to pick a default. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who may be more knowledgeable on the matter.

In any case, I finally got around it by using the subst command. So here goes the solution:

Open a command prompt in Administrator mode. type :

subst [Drive letter causing the error]: “C:/Windows” 

Now open the installer and try again.

Reading a String From a Resources File in Asp.Net at RunTime

ok, at present, this information is as difficult to find on the web at the moment as it is stupidly simple.

if you google you most likely are going to come across solutions that new up a ResourceManager class based on a full namespace and an assembly name and most likely you may have run into problems.

If you all you are trying to do is load something from your statically defined Resources file in ASP.Net, all you need to do is use the static ResourceManager property like so:

var resourceManager = ResourceFileName.ResourceManager;
var text = resourceManager.GetString(“keyintheresourcefile”);

You can also get any other objects allowed in a Resources file besides strings such as files or images; you just have to call the right method on the ResourceManager object.