XCode 7 : Adding a new device to an XCode-managed provisioning profile

Let me just start this post with a question : why is this still so hard?? Moreover, WHY does it only keep getting harder???

I don’t know what the XCode team are thinking, but the whole point of having your provisioning profiles managed by XCode is that it should make things simple and automagic. Well, not so.

Previous versions of XCode all had their quirks, but at least there was a refresh button that you could press that would reload and regenerate any provisioning profile if you, for instance, added a new device on the member center. Yes, a refresh button. easy right? Well, maybe they thought that was too easy so they decided to remove it.

As of XCode 7, supposedly, all profiles update automatically. Or do they?

I just added a new device to my member center, but it didn’t get added to my XCode-managed profiles. I restarted XCode and nothing. Then I stumbled upon a tip to actually delete the provisioning profiles then wait for XCode to regenerate them again and hit Dowload All. So I went to try to delete them, and guess what, as of the latest update XCode 7.0.1 (7A1001) the option to delete them is gone now. So you can try to right-click on them to your heart’s content and nothing will happen. sigh….I would scream if only it wasn’t so late at night already.

There is a solution, though I don’t consider it a solution at all, more like a brute force workaround:

Deploy a test app from XCode to your new device!

This will trigger XCode to then prompt you about the fact that there is no provisioning profile for that device installed and give you the “Fix Issue” button.

Click on “Fix Issue” and wait till the test app is deployed. I impatiently shortcut it right after clicking it and it still didn’t work, so all good things come to those who wait.

I can’t wait for XCode 8 now to see what is the next dumb thing the XCode team is going to do about this.

Sort it out already, Apple!


5 thoughts on “XCode 7 : Adding a new device to an XCode-managed provisioning profile

  1. Tippi says:


    Didn’t work for me. I don’t have the device, when the app is for testers (HockeyApp).
    Only solution was to delete the managed provioning profile at Apple Developer website and create a manually one. Assigned a generic app identifier and all devices and download this in Xcode via Accounts.
    After that I could build the app like before with the newly registered device.

    Greetings, Tippi

  2. Ezat says:

    Had same problem, but this finally worked:

    1 – add the device to my account in the Apple Developer Portal
    2 – In XCode, went to Xcode Preferences > Accounts
    3 – Selected my account and on the right lower side of the panel, you get a list of associated Teams
    4 – Select a Team and press the ‘View Details…’ button
    5 – A sheet will come down with a ‘Download All’ button. Press that button and it seems to refresh the Provisioning Profiles

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